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May 09, 2006 Protect your retirement, your savings, your financial future. Learn about securities fraud today!

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About Tyco Fraud InfoCenter
Tyco Fraud InfoCenter is an Internet resource that offers you an opportunity to research the Tyco scandal and your legal rights associated with Tyco fraud. Tyco Fraud InfoCenter does not offer legal advice or referrals.
Tyco Fraud Information

Tyco Fraud InfoCenter

Tyco International, Ltd., a corporation that makes a diversity of products, from healthcare supplies to alarm systems, has recently accused ... read more
Tyco Fraud News

SEC Reviews Tyco’s Accounting Practices

While three of Tyco’s former top managers await trial for fraud, the SEC is examining Tyco’s accounting records. In the meantime, the results from an internal ... read more

SEC Accuses Tyco’s (Ex-) Top Brass of Fraud

On September 12, 2002, the SEC filed a lawsuit against Dennis Kozlowski, Mark Schwartz, and Mark Belnick, accusing them of committing fraud. Kozlowski and ... read more

Alleged Secret Loans, False Statements Could Mean Trouble for Kozlowski, Schwartz, and Belnick

The SEC says that by issuing themselves interest-free loans and never repaying them, Kozlowski, Schwartz, and Belnick robbed Tyco International and its ... read more

Tyco Accuses Former Management of Fraudulent Loan Forgiveness Program

Tyco announced that the tentacles of scandal might have touched over 50 of their employees through the allegedly dishonest actions of Kozlowski, Schwartz, and ... read more

Kozlowski, Others Post Bail But Rocky Road Still Ahead

Shortly after their indictment, Tyco International’s Kozlowski, Schwartz, and Belnick posted bail with bonds of $100 million, $50 million, and $1 million ... read more


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